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Advertising to Baby Boomers
Updated and Revised

Now in paperback and on Kindle

Award-winning advertising copywriter Chuck Nyren knows a thing or two about baby boomers. To start with, he is one, but beyond that he helps companies create advertising that speaks to this age group.

The New Millennium Tales
A quite extraordinary collection of insights into the mature market from both experts and members of it. - Jim Fox, Head of Public Affairs Coca-Cola Enterprises

The Silver Market Phenomenon

From an in-depth global overview of the mature market, through design and product development for older consumers, to the marketing implications, this book has it all. With contributions from experts around the world, the book recognises that population ageing poses great challenges to industrialised and developing countries alike. - Kevin Lavery, Managing Director, Millennium


Available 2016 from Palgrave Macmillan:
Advertising in the Aging Society
Understanding Representations, Practitioners, and Consumers in Japan
By Michael Prieler, Florian Kohlbacher
Foreword by Dave McCaughan
Afterword by Chuck Nyren

Advertising in the Aging Society


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